When you want to really get to know an energy source, you need to get to know its suppliers, too. When looking up information about natural gas, I stumbled across a source that talked about in numbers just exactly what they did for their customers. The numbers for natural gas in general are staggering, but this company specifically was putting up big numbers. You’re talking millions of people choosing natural gas of course, tens of millions, and they do so for so many good reasons.
The one company I was talking about had more than 15 million customers. That’s quite a chunk of the natural gas industry it seems, until you read that they are also an electric energy supplier. Next, you might want to look at the numbers for energy costs when your property is powered by natural gas. If they look appealing to you, how can you pass up getting natural gas as your energy source? It would be hard to argue against it for sure.

Of course, if you have a property that isn’t already outfitted to use natural gas, that’s when the installation costs can come into play. That might be more expensive initially, but you could still find your savings over time. The idea of an initial investment might make you think of the fact that you have other choices, too, because that’s what supporters of solar energy often talk about. So is it really necessary to pay money to save money?

In this case, it really depends on if you have the facilities available to you already. And it’s just up to what you want to do period. We met a company at a convention (Carter Custom Construction) that hasĀ a big majority of their business in gas fireplaces. Natural gas just doesn’t have the smoke, the smell, and the inconvenience that burning wood does, and their customers seem to agree.

Do you remember that one company I was looking at? I noticed they supplied almost a trillion cubic feet of natural gas annually, yet I also noticed that out of all the energy they supply, both natural gas and electric, the percent of natural gas is only 27 percent.