What is natural gas and how much of it is used throughout the United States of America? This is a question many people ask themselves, and if you’re wondering what the answer is, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a short overview of natural gas fuel.

Natural gas is a mixture of a number of hydrocarbons, with the predominated one being methane. Natural gas accounts for around a quarter of the energy used in the USA, with one-third of it going to commercial and residential uses. This includes cooking and heating.

One-third also goes to industrial uses, while another one-third goes towards electric power production. Natural gas is an alternative fuel that has been proven to be reliable and it has been used for a longtime to provide power to natural gas vehicles. About one-tenth of one-percent of natural gas is used as transportation fuel.

Fossil fuel makes up the majority of natural gas in America, and this is because fossil fuel is made with sources that were formed via pressure and heat on organic materials. There is also renewable natural gas, which is created with organic materials, such as livestock and landfills. Renewable natural gas is produced via anaerobic digestion.

Renewable natural gas bears similarity to conventional natural gas, from a chemical standpoint. Since this is the case, it has to be compressed in order to be used in vehicles. It can also be liquefied and then used to power vehicles, but it’s important for it to be liquefied first.

Now you know more about natural gas fuel. There are many benefits of using natural gas fuel, but the above are the basics of this type of fuel. If you do not use this type of fuel, then you’re missing out and you should consider using natural gas fuel.